Summer Is Here

Has anyone been wondering where I’ve been? I haven’t forgotten about the school! As of late, though, I’ve been pretty busy with some family issues. My uncle, who lives in Chicago, is battling Parkinson’s. My parents and other aunt and uncle decided to have him move to Washington, where I live, so that he can be in an assisted living home near us. It is less expensive here, and my other aunt and uncle who live here have more time to look out for him than my parents do. My job, in this scheme of moving my uncle, was to travel to Chicago, pick up my uncle’s kitten, and bring him home on the plane. (My uncle hates flying, so he and my other aunt are traveling here by train, but the train doesn’t allow pets… and anyways the 3-day journey would have been too much for the kitten!) So now I am staying at my other aunt and uncle’s house, with my dog and cat, plus my aunt and uncle’s dog and cat, plus the new kitten. They are keeping me busy! Especially the kitten! He is a four month old ball of energy! My cat has spent 24/7 following the new kitten around obsessively, and has finally gotten him to play with her.

So, just to reassure you, I haven’t forgotten about the school! I’m still thinking about it, doing reading about it, etc… I just haven’t had as much time for social media!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July tomorrow. I’ll be spending part of it at my friends’ rescue farm chilling with the animals and eating veggie dogs!

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