Where Will Our School Be?

This would be a really cool house!!!

Probably the biggest challenge I am coming across while working to start a school is figuring out where the school will be. I live in a small apartment, and even if the management company would allow a school to take place in here, there wouldn’t be any room! At first I was imagining renting an office or storefront, but I can see how these places would have their own problems. Then I got the idea that I could rent a 2 story house. I could have a bedroom and living room on the second floor, and the school could take place in the rest of the house. This way, I would be able to pay half of the rent for the house out of my own salary, and use the school’s money to pay for the other half. We’d be able to pay a lot more rent if I was able to contribute my personal rent budget!

As I daydream about the house, I’m trying to think of things that I would love it to have. Here are what I’ve thought of so far…

A library (I already have tons of children’s books from my former classrooms, and books are pretty easy to get more of) where kids could sit and read and also have the opportunity to check out books to take home.

A sensory room/chill room. (This could even be a sectioned off area of another room.)

At least one classroom where organized classes could take place.

A play room where we could set up areas for reading, math, and science exploration. (Similar to how “centers” are set up in a preschool classroom.)

A larger gathering room or hang out room with couches and stuff, like a living room, but where group meetings could also be held.

An office for administrational boring stuff.

A fenced in backyard where we could put a play structure and where the children could have a garden.

It would also have to be in an area that was zoned for a business such as a school or day care.

What else do you think an awesome school should have?